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The Enormous Bow Window

Posted on Aug 31, 2011 in Before & Afters | 0 comments

When looking for a new bow window for the front of their home, Mr. & Mrs.  Henson had a hard time finding a local company who was willing to do the job. Why you ask?   Well, not many people are in the market for a bow window that is over 11 feet wide and 6 feet tall! After being turned down by other local home improvement companies, the Hensons were visited by Reynolds Exteriors.  We did not turn away and say the window they wanted was too massive of a project to take on; we knew we could make them happy and deliver them the special window they wanted on the front of their home.



BEFOREThe window we replaced was falling apart and costing them a lot of money on their electric bill.  The wood framing and interior wood seat were deteriorating and caving in around certain sections.






Requiring a forklift to move it,  we wanted to ensure the bow was installed with the utmost care and precision. When you are dealing with something of this size, this is extremely important.  Also, Mrs. Henson expressed concern over her bushes under the window being damaged during the installation. The forklift also aided in helping our crew install the bow without a single branch being hurt.


Upon completion, the new bow window looked fantastic  and we were very happy to have helped the Hensons get exactly what they  wanted for their home!










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