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 An energy efficient home costs less to run. Chances are, you can easily save 10% of your power bill by doing a few simple things like installing an efficient shower head. Once you add in some of the bigger decisions – like making sure you buy efficient appliances and insulating your home, the savings start to stack up.

With Our energy-efficient siding and windows you can make a big difference to the warmth and comfort of your home, save yourself money and help our environment by managing the way you use energy every day.  Energy efficiency is not about going without – it is about getting more for your money and stopping the waste.

An energy efficient home is more comfortable to live in. Its warmer and drier year round and that has a major impact on the health of the people who live there.

And using less energy means you reduce your carbon footprint which benefits our environment.


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If you don’t consistently inspect and paint the exposed wood around your home on a yearly basis ; then you leave the wood areas open to water penetration and wood rot may begin.  A simple and cost effective solution is to have your wood trim wrapped with metal. These metals come in a variety of colors so you can be creative. Dental blocks can be included.  Adding  trim with our  Sovereign Select Hidden Vent Soffit adds the perfect finishing touch while providing essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay.



Fullback® Insulated Siding has officially been recognized as “home insulation” and “continuous insulation” by influential organizations in the green building materials industry. The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognize that Fullback® Insulated Siding saves energy through the reduction of thermal bridging.




Expertly crafted for decades of wear and tear, Sovereign windows feature a fusion-welded vinyl sash and main frame for superior strength and structural integrity. Interlocking steel-reinforced meeting rails and multi-chambered extrusions further add to Sovereign’s impressive build, while a heavy-duty balance system ensures smooth operation of the sashes. Designed with easy upkeep in mind, the solid vinyl construction won’t rot, split, corrode or pit like painted wood windows and won’t swell or warp from exposure to moisture. Your windows will maintain their fresh-looking appearance year after year. The loss of energy from old drafty windows its enormous and will drive energy bills up.  Our replacement windows can help reduce these costs and aid in creating a balanced indoor energy efficient environment.



Lifetime ltd. transferable warranty

GAF’s quality roofing products have been designed to work together for superior, long-term protection, and have been proven on literally millions of homes nationwide. They even carry the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal—your assurance of exceptional quality and performance!






Patio Doors

Replacing your  patio door  is a fast and inexpensive way to increase your homes value. The results of having a solid, highly energy-efficient patio door installed are numerous. Significantly lower home energy bills for one, but also a more comfortable room and ease of operating the door