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Revere Building Products is pleased to announce that Reynolds Exteriors has been named the exclusive dealer of Sovereign Select Hidden Vent Soffit in Hampton Roads. Reynolds Exterior’s history of quality and integrity has earned them the official certification by Revere to install and service this premium product.


Trim is vital to your home

Soffit, fascia and trim are vital elements of a home’s overall appearance and structural integrity.

About Sovereign Select

Revere’s soffit system adds the perfect finishing touch while providing essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay.  Revere’s Sovereign Select Hidden Vent Soffit comes in numerous colors to make the most of your trim projects. Our trim coil also features a tough PVC coating and various color selections, including palettes compatible with the siding of many manufacturers.

What they’re saying

“Reynolds Exteriors completely refinished our exterior with quality trim, to include 40 meticulously wrapped dentil blocks, matching gutters and complete replacement of our front porch.  When we refinanced our mortgage, the appraiser mentioned the exterior workmanship was the best he has ever seen.” Read more